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Story Dev. & Research

Being a media researcher I support Television, radio and web producers to find the information, people and locations suitable for their programs. I like to analyze, study and examine things


Whether you’re writing a news feature, producing a documentary, recording an audio interview, or creating a piece of multimedia journalism it is important that you find local quality professionals

Locations Scouting

You have an artistic idea about your program, we find a suitable place to shoot interior and exterior scenes. We can suggest natural and recreated locations, many filmmakers find in Moroccan
Local Crew

Local Crew & Equipment Hire

You can hire a full Moroccan crew with experience working with international technicians and speaking Arabic and English. We also suggest hiring camera kits, light and grips locally
Film Permit

Film Permit

The filming permit is obligatory, Filming without it could really cost your production. The main Filming permit allows shooting in public places; however, additional permits are needed
Drone Hire

Drone Hire

Drone Hire and use in Morocco are put under legal procedures. Our company provides drones with licenses. We source you with DJI Inspire 2 X7, DJI Mavic Pro 2, DJI Phantom, with full accessories.

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Don’t just listen to us. Here are what people say about us.

  • Karim was a fantastic fixer!

    Karim was a fantastic fixer for our photo project. He was very professional, responsive and polite to accommodate all of our shoot needs. He was also honest and up-front about any problems that would occur so we could work through them before on-set. We worked remotely from NYC to Morocco to set up all pre-production and he provided prompt and helpful feedback to make our shoot come to life in very NYC-timing.

    I am grateful to have worked with him on our project and hope to return to Morocco and do it again. Thank you, Karim!

    Natalie Anne Clark
    Art Director
    The Girls Creative
  • Karim has big knowledge of locations

    Karim is quick, professional, knows what he’s talking about, has a lot of knowledge about locations and is a friendly and reliable person to work with

    Luiz Van Roekel
  • Karim helped us with all permits

    Karim was a fantastic fixer and host for our crew at Casablanca during our pre-production, characters research and shooting. He helped us to have all permissions and papers to be able to shoot there. He’s very helpful with the crew and did an excellent job for us. As a producer, I strongly recommend him to shoot in Morocco

    Luiz Ferraz
    Olé Productions
  • it would have been impossible to get what I needed without him

    I’m a London-based director and I just spent 2 days in Casablanca by myself with Karim researching a documentary with very difficult access. I can genuinely say it was an absolute pleasure working with him and it would have been impossible to get what I needed without him. If you need a fixer or producer in Morocco this is the guy. TBH I’m actually rather loathed to recommend him for fear he will be permanently booked. If you need further info/recommendation feel free to hit me up on FB or google me for email. And thank you Karim!

    Jamie Whitby
    Try Hard
  • Karim is a Great Fixer!

    We worked with Karim for a month. He’s a great fixer! And thanks to his support, we were able to shoot successfully our documentary along the coast of Morocco. If I ever go back there to film another show, I will definitely call him again!

    Isabelle Lopez
    Red Carpet
  • Karim has been my best producer/fixer to date

    Karim has been one of my best producer/fixer to date. He helped us achieve great things, with little time! His superb communication skills are at the heart of it. We felt very safe that he understand what we were trying to achieve. Karim is highly recommended

    Nikki Baillie
    Ultramarine Films

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